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Underdog to the rescue!

Written on August 13, 2007 by Kevin.

We took Rylan to his first movie at a very young age. We were given the chance to see Bambi 2 at the theater prior to them releasing it straight to DVD. Rylan did really well and we thought this was going to be the norm. We were confirmed this theory when we are able to see Brother Bear 2 at the theater free as well. Rylan was a bit older but still did really well and sat through the entire movie with minimal fussing. How did we know that he wouldn't sit through any other movies until now?

We had tried taking Rylan to movies occasionally since Brother Bear 2. Of course, we always chose children's movies in hopes that it would keep his attention long enough to watch the entire movie. This never did happen though. Sometimes before the movie had even started and other times 10-15 minutes into the movie, we saw that Rylan just wasn't interested. We bailed every time. Lucky for us, movie theaters are pretty good about returning money within the first couple of minutes. We tried everything we could think of to keep his attention long enough for the movie to start and keep him in awe.

Rylan's grandma had been telling us for a bit that she wanted to take Rylan to the theaters to see Underdog. We were reluctant at first and didn't want to set any high expectations so of course we gave her Rylan's rundown of movie history. Rylan napped a bit before lunch and he was happy after that so we knew we had a chance to actually get through an entire movie. We got our tickets and headed to the concession stand. We picked Rylan up a bag of cotton candy to keep his interest a bit. (Yes, we know sugar is bad) Previous attempts, Rylan would blow through an entire bag before the movie had even started. This time he was pacing himself. We sat Rylan in his own chair and watched as his butt slid down the crack and the chair began to fold up. Rylan re situated himself and with a bit of help from my leg, he watched as the movie began. While he watched the movie, I watched Rylan enjoy the movie as much as everyone else did. He continued to eat his cotton candy but at a snails pace. He ended up only eating half of the bag by the time the movie had ended. Amazing.

This is a huge step for us. We now see a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to seeing movies at the theater with Rylan. His grandma being there may have had a big impact but we see a lot of potential now. I think our next movie theater visits will be at one of our local theaters that show older movies for super cheap. These theaters are never busy and should help get Rylan adjusted even more. Are are going to go through the same thing with Kaitlyn? I'm betting we will. We may need to knock out as many movies as we can. Kaitlyn made us proud and slept through the entire movie. Isn't it nice how they can sleep through such loud noises?


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