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Week in Review

Written on August 10, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well its been a long week I tell ya and I'm a bit glad it's nearly over. My sister has been crying a bunch more lately and just the other day we realized that she was draining some yellow stuff from her ear. My dad came home and we made a trip to the doctor. They quickly determined that she has swimmers ear. At first I was a bit irritated because I had been wanting to go swimming and had not but my sister had? But I then remembered that she hadn't actually gone swimming. I'm not sure how she got it but it seems to be causing her a bit of pain and that's no fun for anyone. We have some drops for her though and they said it would be gone within 5-7 days. I am counting the days until we get a bit of peace and quiet around here.

Last weekend we went out to eat with my Grandma Tina and Grandpa Fred. I always have a good time meeting up with them. My grandpa was playing around with me for a bit and he was hiding me under his big ol' hat. Pretty funny if you ask me. I wasn't too interested at first at being at the pizza place but my grandma did a good job calming me down. The pizza was yummy yummy.

Afterwards, we went to the park and my dad walked me around. We checked out the toddler swings and slides. They were fun but what I was really interested in was the big kid slides. My dad walked me to the very top of the big kids slide and we took a slide down. Holy Shmoly was it fun. We ended up going down it 3 times total. I had a blast walking around while my dad watched me from a couple steps behind. I didn't like the sand in between my toes though.

A warning to everyone, watch your step when you go over those pesky baby gates. My dad was walking over one yesterday and whack, a big loud noise. They are always hitting their feet when they go over but this time it wasn't fun. Dad whacked it really hard. He started talking about his toe being broken or something. An hour later, he did it again on the same toe. Luckily for him, its just severely bruised up and not actually broken. I, for one, think we should get rid of the gates entirely. Not because of what happened, but because I think I should be able to go up and down our stairs as I please. Maybe I can talk them into that now that dad got hurt.

Have a good weekend and be safe over those gates.


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