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Week in Review

Written on August 31, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another toasty hot week. When will this summer end? Ey yi yi.

Well this week has been pretty uneventful but I have managed to learn a few new words. In fact, new words are coming on quickly now. My dad introduced me to a plum and I immediately repeated the word as he told it to me. I'm that good. Along with many many other words, I now say milk, grandma, grandpa, no and yeah. Oh and I say hi now as well. When I say hi or bye, it sounds like I'm from Texas or somewhere in the south because I say with a slight accent. My mom and dad get a kick out of it. Words are certainly coming in fast now and I really like surprising them when I say something that they weren't expecting.

I am back to my dancing ways. Ever since I was running around and dancing at my grandpa's house a while back, I have been in a mood. I love to run around the house bumping into things and just laughing as much as can be. My dad plays along and we run back and forth through the room. It is so much fun.

Kaitlyn is doing really good lately. She has been much quieter and more pleasant to be around. I still love her a whole bunch though and still enjoy holding her, kissing her and squeezing her nose. She doesn't like when I squeeze her nose though Her rash has gone away and we are now just working on that cradle cap. It's going to take a bit though.

My grandma is taking all next week off from work and I hear that she is going to drop by a couple times to see me and Kaitlyn. It has been a few weeks since I last saw her so I am super excited.

Woah! Let me tell you how good of a big brother I am. I was just giving Kaitlyn a kiss and she spit up on me! Yuck! I grabbed her burp cloth and cleaned her up though and gave her a big hug. I know how hard it is to be a baby and I want to make her feel happy and wanted. I'm the best big brother ever.

I think that wraps it up. Have a good Labor Day weekend. I don't think we are going to do much.


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