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Rylan and Shrek 3

Written on August 22, 2007 by Kevin.

When I was a kid, I remembered that there was a movie theater that we would occasionally go to that was super cheap. I believe, back then, it only cost $1 for a movie. Of course, they play old movies but as a kid, you really don't care.

As mentioned before, Rylan has made it difficult to see any movies over the past couple of years but we had a shimmer of hope when we had a 100% successful trip to see UnderDog. I decided to roll with this and see just how well Rylan would act during another movie. My wife introduced him recently to the Shrek movies and he has been all over them. I checked the cheap movie theater out and sure enough, they were showing the Shrek 3 movie. Perfect!

I made some calls to the theater to ask some basic questions on prices and see if their prices were adjusted for kids at all. I heard what would make me shed a tear of joy. On Tuesdays, it is only $1.50 per person. Are you kidding me? I can take the entire family to the movies for $4.50? Whohoo.

We picked a showtime and made our way through the theater. It was just like I remembered. The place is small and cozy. It isn't too crowded, even on the $1.50 day. It is perfect for a family that has a child that you are not certain is going to sit through the movie.

As for the movie, Rylan did pretty well. He had a few times when he started to talk, try to stand up on his seat or just want to walk between my wife and I. The lady and child behind us were worse though so we didn't feel it was an issue. Underdog certainly kept his interest more than Shrek 3. This was probably because the movie really wasn't that great. Shrek 2 was much better.

I think we have found our new Tuesday entertainment. We are hoping to work with Rylan and get him further adjusted on how to behave at the theater. He is certainly showing good signs though. Maybe we can get Kaitlyn adjusted while we are at it.


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