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Disney Star Struck

Written on September 24, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan's last couple of visits to Disneyland were a bit different than the last. He was not only shy when he saw the characters, he was downright afraid. While this can be fun for us to laugh about, it certainly must be a scary situation for him.

We knew that this time we would do our best for him to really enjoy the time that the characters give. We have been playing some of our different Disney movies in hopes that he will learn a bunch of the characters rather than the common Mary Poppins, Pooh Bear and of course Mickey Mouse. This seemed to work out perfectly.

We walked into Main Street on Friday and immediately saw Goofy. Rylan was locked in. He couldn't point fast enough. A great start to the day. As we moved on throughout the day, we were happy to see many characters and Rylan was thrilled. The characters that he knows their names, he was calling them out. He was even excited to see some of the characters like Jack Sparrow and the Ratatouille rats.

When Bert and Mary Poppins walked by, he got super excited. They made a nice stop to visit with Rylan and Kaitlyn for a while. Rylan took to Bert's chimney sweeper really fast but he was a bit shy when it came to Mary Poppins. Once these characters were heading off, Rylan perked back up again, calling out their names and waving. We saw these same characters on Saturday and they remembered him. They must have played with Rylan for 10 minutes off and on as other kids noticed them. It's really nice when they take the time to play with your kids and don't feel too rushed. We of course got plenty of photos.

As for Kaitlyn, she laid in the stroller looking cute as ever. The characters all said hello to her as well. For some reason she wasn't as excited to see them as Rylan was. We'll have to work on this.


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