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Oh Boy.

Written on September 11, 2007 by Kevin.

There are many companies who sell baby lotion. With Rylan, this simply wasn't too necessary as he didn't have sensitive or dry skin. Kaitlyn on the other hand did have some issues on her face that had gone away and now are coming back again. We picked up some of the Aveeno baby lotion which seemed to work nicely. This stuff is expensive though.

Rylan, being the bargain shopper that he is, discovered a new way to moisturize your skin and stay within a budget. In fact, this is a dual purpose moisturize that many people find yummy to eat.

With 2 kids now, it is easy to get distracted for a split second long enough with one kid that the other kid gets into trouble. We stepped away from the dinner table for a moment with Kaitlyn and when we came back, we discovered Rylan had managed to reach to the mayonnaise jar on the table. Of course as the camera came out, we couldn't yell at him and we decided to let him have his fun. Once the mayonnaise began to break down, it became very oily and Rylan's skin should be moisturized for the next few days.

I am not sure what is more nasty, being covered in mayonnaise or eating it right from the (plastic) jar.


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