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Review: LUVS Ultra Leakguards w/ Bear Hug Stretch

Written on September 4, 2007 by Kevin.

It is no secret that blogs continue to grow in popularity. Each day, thousands of new blogs are started of all different genre types. Parents flock to other parenting blogs to get the inside scoop on the latest products or suggestions on how to get their kids to eat vegetables. I try to make this blog both beneficial in regards to giving parents a bit of knowledge and also allow our family to keep in touch when they are not near. I have been extremely lucky to have been offered to sample new and exciting products and review them with Rylan's assistance. I don't think that we have experienced one product that we didn't care for.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a marketing agency that was interested in me sampling and reviewing the new LUVS Ultra Leakguards w/ Bear Hug Stretch. I am never one to turn down samples, let alone diapers. Was it a coincidence that we were just about ready to run out?

These new LUVS diapers are said to have the most stretch to them compared to value or store brand diapers. We commonly purchase Huggies diapers so I am going to compare my results to them. Right off the bat, you can tell that these LUVS diapers are going to be extremely stretchy. These would be able to accommodate even the widest kid or most active one too. The stretchy tabs give a nice secure snug fit around the waste which should help keep those full diapers contained within. I have noticed no diaper sag while on Rylan and they keep in place really well. You will notice the absorbency crystals at the bottom of the diaper but we experience no leakage of these, unlike some other diapers including Huggies. We have encountered large dirty diapers from both angles and these have been able to handle all that Rylan can throw at it.

We have been using the diapers now for about a week and I am sad to see it come to an end. The quality of these diapers equal if not exceed the Huggies that we typically use. We currently buy our Huggies in bulk at Costco but this may make us change that habit. Diaper for diaper, these should save a few dollars per bag compared to your typical size of name-brand diapers. At the time of this posting, they only are offering sizes 3-6 but around December, they should have out sizes 1 and 2 also.

Bottom line, these new LUVS Ultra Leakguards w/ Bear Hug Stretch do the job well. They certainly can compete with the better known brands but still offer a slightly lower price which is always helpful. I guess if I had to throw in a negative comment I would say that we would prefer to see Disney characters rather than Blues Clues on the front. Even replacing with generic characters or none at all would possibly lower the price by a tad bit more which would make parents even that much more happy.


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