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Times are changing..

Written on September 17, 2007 by Kevin.

It seems like just the other day that we had Rylan sitting nicely in his shopping cart or sitting quietly in his highchair but those days are gone now. As Rylan becomes more independent there are some things that he just is not interested in any longer. This mainly includes use of the the shopping cart and highchairs while out eating.

For months now, Rylan had been giving us troubles getting him into the shopping cart. When he sees us preparing the cart with his seat cover he knows what is going to happen next. We would typically gently force him into his seat in which he simply hated. He would throw his body around and scream like no other. We tried luring him in peacefully by having something ready for him such as food or a toy. That occasionally worked but certainly not enough. We eventually gave up and let him do what he had been wanting to do for a long time. Walk around himself. He now walks around just about everywhere we go.

What is the fastest way to get a kid to cry at a restaurant? Put them in a highchair. Around the same time that Rylan rebelled against the shopping cart, he began to hate the high chair as well. This has now limited us a bit on where we can go out to eat and also which tables we can sit at. We now are restricted to a booth seat with Rylan on the inside. Tables and chairs are never perfect spacing from one another that a booster chair is no good. Most of the time he cannot sit close enough to the table without risking the chair tipping over. Rylan now sits entirely down or on his knees to eat. He is a typical kid who loves to give a little show to the surrounding booths. Like a nosey neighbor, he occasionally peeks over to see what they are eating and may even break into conversation with them.

Times are certainly changing for Rylan and us. We do miss the days where we could just put him in his seats and he would be fine with that but we understand that as he grows he will want to do more things like we do. We are interested to see how he reacts at Disneyland and if he will want to be walking around for most of that trip or not. I don't know how far his little legs can take him before he zonks out tired.


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