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Week in Review

Written on September 7, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well this week has been pretty interesting. First let me talk about my green poop. I really wish that I could remember what I had swallowed though. Heck, I wish that I could tell my mom or dad what it was but for some reason they just can't understand me sometimes. For those who are interested, my poop is still a bit green but it seems to be flushing itself out. Yippy.

My grandma took the entire week off and spent a couple days over at our place. Those was good times. She brought us lunch yesterday so that was pretty nice too. She isn't one to normally dance but yesterday I had her bebopping with me. We had a chance for some 1on1 time as we played with the blocks together. When she tried to step away, I went over and grabbed her and pulled her back down. She sure got a kick out of that. I got to show off my skills and tell her what was on a few of the blocks such as kitty and car.

We didn't do too much for labor day weekend except a bit of shopping. We did manage to snag some great deals though for me and my sister at Children's Place. The outlet store here even had a few things for $0.19. Dad sure was happy.

I think I heard my dad mention going to that Cabelas store this weekend to hangout. I think it's fun to go there and see all of the animals and fish. Maybe I can ask my dad to get some video of me running around with the fish. That could be fun. I hear they have these pre-made s'mores. I wonder if I can try one of those. They sure looked good on television when I saw them.

My sister Kaitlyn is doing well. She is starting to enjoy laying in the playpen and watch her mobil and just last night, she hung out in her swing and barely made a peep. I get a bit nervous and my big brother instincts kick in when she screams so it's nice when she is calm and quiet. It allows me to relax as well.

To wrap things up, check out this baby. She has a full head of crazy hair at only 10 weeks old. That's pretty nutty if you ask me.


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