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Week in Review

Written on September 14, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Yippy! Our home has found a buyer. I don't know what this actually means but my dad says we are in escrow which is exciting and will hopefully be moving out the day after my birthday. Talk about great birthday gift. Exciting stuff.

I know my dad just mentioned Cici's Pizza yesterday. I enjoy going there but not right after taking a nap because then I am cranky and don't want to eat. That was the situation the first time we went but I enjoyed my time much better the second. Last night we stopped by a place called PizzaSta(I don't understand the name either) which is also a buffet like Cici's. They were ok but not great. Me and Kaitlyn just were not in the mood to be there. I barely ate anything and Kaitlyn cried for most of the visit. It was not a fun situation at all.

My dad got me the Shrek 2 soundtrack for when we are in the car. I guess they are a bit tired of hearing the same Mary Poppins songs while driving. This cd is great. It has all of these great songs from the movie that I remember and it has a good enough selection that mom and dad don't grow tired of it. I like to dance around in the back while dad is trying to drive.

My vocabulary is ever expanding now. I am picking up new words really quickly. At night, when I am going down to sleep, we are all upstairs for a bit and then my dad takes Kaitlyn downstairs. The last couple of nights I have been saying "bye bye baby". It's fun. Then, this morning when Kaitlyn woke up and my mom was taking care of her I said "morning baby". This was the first time I had said morning so that was a surprise.

Tomorrow I will hanging out with my grandma and go out to eat. That should be a bit interesting. When I was a little guy, I was pretty good at restaurants but it's difficult with Kaitlyn. She just wants to scream and scream so my mom and dad end up having to bounce her. They have even had to give her a pacifier at times to calm her down. They never did that with me.

I think that sums up this week. It was a pretty good one. This day next week, I will be hanging out in Disneyland hunting down Mary Poppins and Mickey. Whohoo!


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