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Week in Review

Written on September 28, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Sorry for not writing a post last Friday. I was too busy hanging out with Mickey and the crew. We had a blast.

I got the chance to spend some time with my crush Mary Poppins. She really is as sweet in person as she appears on the movie. She was very nice to me but of course I was so shy that I barely said a word. She didn't mind though. Bert was fun to talk with though. He let me hold his chimney sweeper so that was real fun. If I hadn't have been strapped into my stroller, I would have shown him my Step In Time dance moves. I've been perfecting them recently.

We had a great time and got a chance to go on all of the rides that we wanted to I think. We even headed over to California Adventure and go on a bunch of rides that we had never seen before. I also went to the Playhouse Disney Live Show at California Adventure. I had a chance to see Jo Jo in person so that was a blast as well. Everyone was singing and dancing including me. They shot out a bunch of streamers too which was real fun.

A real surprise was when my dad told me that we were heading back down to Hollywood this visit in hopes of seeing Shrek. I don't recall if he was there last time but I know Fiona and Puss N Boots were. When we drove by my dad spotted Shrek and I immediately got excited. I had a chance to meet with him and he was a fun guy. I don't see why people don't like ogres. They seem fine to me.

Let's see.... This last month has been super exciting. I have been picking up new words left and right. Here are some of my exciting new words I have been saying.

- Shrek
- Peter Pan
- Poppins
- Minnie
- Pluto
- Party
- Balloons
- Cake
- Plum

I am really excited about my birthday that is coming up quickly. Mom has been telling me all about the party so that is where I learned some of those new words. I think I am going to really impress everyone that was at my party last year. It's been a great year.

It's always hard to top a weekend of going to Disneyland so I hope dad has something good up his sleeve. Have a good weekend.


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