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Written on October 10, 2007 by Kevin.

We have always been a pretty solid believer in buying diapers in bulk. We tend to buy our diapers from Costco or the occasional tiny pack from our local grocery store. We never looked too hard into buying diapers online because we figured the shipping charges would offset the savings of buying them for so cheap.

A month or so ago, I saw a promo code that I had to check out. We were able to get Rylan and Kaitlyn a large pack of diapers for nearly the price of 1 pack at Costco. It was a definite smoking deal. We snatched it up and planned for its arrival.

The next day, I received a voicemail confirming my order placement for an eBay sellers guide. Wha Wha What? I immediately looked at my bank account to see what was going on and I noticed 3 unknown transactions. I immediately called the bank and ordered a new card. I got the contact information for the 3 transactions and started making calls. It took days to get all 3 transactions reversed and quite a few headaches. Two of the transactions were for a book club that I certainly had not ordered through and the third was some eBay sellers guide company.

The only benefit that I got out of this whole problem was that the books ordered on my behalf arrived and they told me to keep them. 4 expensive cookbooks and 4 expensive novels. They are now in use at our house or on Craiglist. The least they can do for wasting many of my days and the hassle of getting a new card.

So where did these transactions ultimately originate? I cannot be for certain but based on timing and one other thing I believe it was that either stole the information or sent it to the other companies unauthorized. We live in a townhouse that includes a Unit # that I had put in a specific way on the checkout. When I checked with the other companies, they told me it was the same way that I had put it through on the checkout. Bout as close to a smoking gun as possible in this case I think.

In addition to all of this hassle, I was automatically subscribed to the Parenting Magazine via this website as well. During the checkout they ask if you want a free subscription which I had said no too. It was 3 weeks later when I received notice of my pending subscription. Needless to say, that has been cancelled as well.

To say the least, will not be receiving my business any longer. At the time of checkout, I had given the information to a fellow employee here and I do have to say that at this time, she has not mentioned any fraudulent activities on her account. Was it or not? I'll likely never know but I'll stay clear from now on anyways..

Mark Lore, the CEO of, contacted me via the phone a while ago to talk a bit further about this issue. After laying out what I knew, we are still at a bit of a loss to know what the problem was and who is at fault. He agrees that there are certainly things that appear that they would point to Diapers.Com being the source of the problem but we will likely never know. He assures me that his company does not deal with any other companies except for the Parenting Magazine which does not get sent credit card information.

I work for a company that deals with two major credit card companies and I work in a secure environment all day. I know how secure things like this need to be and from this view, it appears that Diapers.Com is doing what they need to do.

As I said to Mark, I am not trying to smear the name of I was trying to inform readers of the situation that I had that is or is not related to Diapers.Com. Ultimately, this is going to be an issue that gets forgotten about as it's going to be difficult to track down the ultimate reason.

I certainly have a new respect for the company when the CEO himself rings me up. Will I be using their site in the future? Maybe if they have another great coupon but otherwise I think I will stick with Costco.

Thank you Mark for taking the time out of your day to give me a call and talk about this. I appreciate the fact that you did not flat out deny the situation and can see how I came to my possible conclusions.


What book club did you get signed up to? Had the same thing happen to a friend of mine. I don't think my friend would order diapers online though.

Written by Timothy Lee on Oct 31, 2007

I believe it was the DoubleDay BookClub.

Written by Kevin on Oct 31, 2007

i was gonna order my diapers thru this i wonder should i sure the prices are good and shipping great but if they do this ...a person with i guess surviving income with two kids cant afford for this misfortune to happen thanks for writing this...are there any othert sites u can refer tme to for cheap diapers?

Written by BUDDY HILL on Jan 30, 2008

I will never use again. They signed me up for parenting magazine after I said no to any magazines.
Now parenting magazine says I can get a rebate. Surely another scam I am not about to go for.

Written by Steve on Dec 27, 2008

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