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Museum Day 2007

Written on October 4, 2007 by Kevin.

National Museum Day was last Saturday. This is the day that some museums open up their doors to everyone for free. The only problem is trying to find a museum that atleast semi interests you. There are few here in Arizona.

I have heard things about the Desert Botanical Garden museum and decided we may check it out. For the Christmas season, they decorate the pathways with lights and make a big deal of it. People say it's nice so I was hoping that a normal visit would be equally as nice.

We packed up the kids and made a short drive across town. Up until recently, its been scorching hot outside but on Saturday it wasn't too terribly bad. Heat with a bit of wind. We checked in and confirmed our free tickets. We ordered additional entrance tickets to the butterfly exhibit they have going on. We figured Rylan would get a kick out of this. We made our way through the start of the pathways. Hello cacti. When they say this is a garden, I must not have been thinking clearly because all I saw was random cacti, bushes and trees. Sure, some of the things were new to me but dang it looks like I stepped outside.

We continued on for a bit more until we were just bored. There was little for Rylan to look at except the occasional lizard running by. We headed towards the butterfly exhibit. After a bit of warning to watch the stroller and not run over any butterflys, we entered. There were definitely a lot of butterflys and Rylan got a kick out of the ones on the ground. We talked a bit about them with Rylan and tried to make the best of it.

Desert Botanical Garden - Phoenix, AZ

I don't think that we will be taking the kids back to the museum anytime soon. I imagine there are some people who enjoy this type of thing but it seems that we are not those type of people. I am still trying to find a kid friendly museum on our side of town. Atleast I can say I took a nice photo of a butterfly.


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