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Rylan's Second Birthday Party

Written on October 15, 2007 by Kevin.

This year we decided to have Rylan's birthday party at our local Peter Piper Pizza and it turned out great. Rylan had about 16 people show up this time around which included his grandparents, aunts and even his great grandmother.

It was great to see how Rylan has advanced over the year. Last year, we had him sitting in his highchair covered in a big bib. He saw the cake and immediately served himself a nice piece by just grabbing for it. This year, he sat on the bench by himself. He saw the cake and only stuck a few fingers in. He grabbed for the plastic Shrek figures that were placed on the cake but otherwise the cake was in one piece. Last year, he ate with his hands while this year he is eating with a fork. He still got a bit of food on himself but certainly not what we were preparing for last year.

What a difference a year can make.

He opened all of his gifts on his own this year compared to last birthday and Christmas which we had to do most of the work. As most kids do, he ripped off all of the paper, looked at the gift and then waited for the next one. He certainly enjoyed himself and has already showed interest in all of his new toys.

I think Rylan's favorite part of the party was being with his grandparents and walking them over to the games. He loved pushing all of the buttons as you can imagine and really enjoyed putting coins into the machines.


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