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Rylan's Train Table

Written on October 9, 2007 by Kevin.

We have always known that we wanted to get Rylan a train table when he got a bit older. They just seem to be one of those toys that every kid is attracted to when they stop in at the toy store or book store. Rylan is no exception.

We decided to start looking for affordable ways to accomplish a nice table. We had been looking on Craigslist for a few months now in hopes of finding the right table and tracks but came up with nearly nothing. We had hopes when we found a free table and tracks but when we picked it up, it needed a lot of work. Certainly not what we wanted to give him for a birthday gift. We continued to look and lucked out by finding a table at a pretty good price. Now we just needed some trains and tracks.

We had no desire of getting Thomas tracks or trains which are ridiculously expensive. We looked up many alternatives and decided to try the LILLABO products from IKEA. We headed over there and picked up each of the sets. When we got home, we confirmed the fact that the table we purchased was small and was going to make it difficult to make a nice track setup.

We pushed onwards and have now designed 2 nice layouts. More ideas will come before we decide to semi-glue it down so that Rylan cannot keep demolishing it like a mini Godzilla.

As to be expected, Rylan loves this new toy. His Little People toys make a perfect addition to the table. We gave it to him a bit early for one of his birthday gifts. We think he will be enjoying this one for many more.


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