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Written on October 25, 2007 by Kevin.

I was sitting in my kitchen last night talking to my wife about things that we wanted to do with Kaitlyn and Rylan as they got older. The talk was centered around what we wanted to do for Halloween and other holidays in the future. Things that we would like to become traditions and other things that are more spur of the moment.

This conversation made me think about when I was a kid and had gone to sleep, what did my parents talk about. Did they talk about the next 15 years and how exactly they wanted to spend the time as a family or did they just wing it as they went? Every parent must have dreams for their children but do you spend time talking it over with one another?

There are many traditions that we want to bring to the kids and many other fun things to do with them as they get older. Last night the talk was about making holiday chocolate candy with them in a few years.

It's a nice feeling being on the side of making the plans rather than just going through with them as a child. Someday, Rylan and Kaitlyn will be in my shoes and get to turn the tables as well with their own kids. I can only hope that they think about it as much as my wife and I.


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