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Sleep little girl..

Written on October 8, 2007 by Kevin.

From the time you have your first child, you think your life is going to be filled with sleep issues. The baby is going to torment you the entire rest of the day. That is until you realize that really isn't the case. Newborns sleep a lot. I like to call it the transitional phase. The time where the baby is up for only about 8 of the 24 hours. It's a wonderful thing.

As the month's go along, your baby begins to sleep less and less until they have grown up a bit and then they are only napping once a day. This is when you are put on the spot and expected to entertain or otherwise occupy this little kiddo.

Miss Kaitlyn seems to like to sleep on Rylan's schedule. At 3 months old, she is taking about 2 naps per day now. This is almost as rare as Rylan. Rylan is now taking maybe 1 nap per day. Many days he won't even take one. Sometimes this results in them being fussy and other days they are perfectly normal.

I don't think Rylan was up this many hours per day at only 3 months like Kaitlyn. It definitely keeps things interesting during the day. We used to be able to rely on a car ride to soothe and help Rylan fall asleep but Kaitlyn is different. She can drive miles without a wink.

As much as I love her smiling face, sometimes I would like to see her sleeping peacefully. Two kids later, I still haven't found the magic sleep button.


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