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Week in Review

Written on October 26, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

So most important things first. I have a new bedroom! It's amazing. Mom and dad finally moved me into our second bedroom and set it up all nice for me. I have Disney decorations including Mickey for me and Pooh Bear for Kaitlyn. She is hanging out in my room also but now she is in the crib rather than bassinet. I think it's going to be fun to be up all night just talking to her about crazy and random things. It's great. Thanks mom and dad!

Second, I start soccer tomorrow! It's going to be fun I think but I don't look forward to waking up super early to get there. It isn't super cold here in Arizona but still chilly for me in the morning. Dad had better turn the heater on for us kiddos. I think it's going to be fun running around kicking the ball. My dad will definitely be getting pictures.

I have some definite exciting news about next week. My dad will be having a giveaway for a new product that he has reviewed. It is awesome and you will definitely not want to miss it next week.

Kaitlyn is getting old now and has begun teething. Now I am stuck hearing her cry because of it and sometimes she even spits in my face because she is drooling so much. It's not very nice of her but I understand because I went through it not too long ago. We'll get through it together.

We took a trip to my grandparents house last weekend which was pretty fun. We went out for ice cream, bought a few pumpkins and even went to the park. Needless to say, I was pooped on the drive home and went right to bed. My new word for my grandpas is Pa Pa. They love when they see me running towards them yelling Pa Pa!

I guess that's it for now. Have a good weekend.


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