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Another go at potty training..

Written on November 15, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan continues to show more and more signs that he is ready to be potty trained so starting yesterday we gave it a try again. We placed his potty in a spot where he seems to head when he needs to poop. We removed his diaper for the day and let him decide when he wanted to go. Throughout the day, we would refresh his memory and tell him what the potty was for. Sometimes he was quite fine with it and other times he seemed to get mad that we kept talking about it.

I made a fort with Rylan and in it, was his potty. He was sitting right next to it as I was talking to him about it. He kept saying "Potty" and acknowledged its purpose. As I stepped out of the fort to make it stronger, Rylan came out as well a split second later. After fixing the fort and heading back in, I found a spot on the carpet just inches from the potty.

In a nice manner, I explained to Rylan that he is to use the potty and not the floor. He seemed a bit disappointed in himself. We gave him a diaper for the rest of the day and will try again today.

Is it your normal technique? I don't know, probably not. Rylan seems to like to make changes on his own so we wanted to encourage that. Many people have an award system setup for when the child uses the potty. Our encouragement, at this point, is him getting the chance to wear Finding Nemo underwear. He seems pretty happy with that prize.


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