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Day Two - Bedroom Tour: Kaitlyn's Bed

Written on November 6, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Here we are, now at Kaitlyn's side of the bedroom. She has a much smaller part of the room because she is so tiny right now. She is using a wonderful crib that I give great reviews on because I slept on it for over a year myself. My parents added the crib tent again to make sure I don't throw anything into the crib so that took a bit of the fun away.

Kaitlyn's side of the room is mainly Pooh Bear related. We received a lot of pooh bear stuff when I was born and just didn't have the place to put it but she is certainly getting use for it now. She even has a Pooh Bear piggy bank. Anyone care to put in any change? Sorry for the blankets just thrown on the crib, I don't know what my mom was thinking.

Kaitlyn has the bookshelf next to her but it really is for me. She isn't doing too much of reading just yet but last night I did try to show her a book.

I think that might be it for her side of the room. It isn't too exciting just yet but when she gets a bit older I bet it will be a fun place. Come back tomorrow and I will tell you all about the fun parts of the room including where I keep my toys.


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