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Halloween 2007 Recap

Written on November 1, 2007 by Kevin.

The day itself started quite grouchy. Rylan has been sick and his sleep schedules have been pretty out of whack. You could just tell that he was going to have a rough night. Tie all of that into the fact that we went over to my uncles home and had to see a bunch of people he had no idea about.

We made a trip to IKEA before stopping by the party so that we could pickup their freebie gift for kids dressed up. We snagged a few of their KORALL KRABBA toys. When we got to the party, Rylan was pretty worried about everyone, costume or not. We tried to get a bit of food for him but he just wasn't going for it. It took quite a bit of time to get him settled enough to even try the food. His highlight may have been when he found the mini pumpkin cakes. He snagged one and ran away happy as can be.

We decided to go trick-or-treat with his grandparents and he did quite well. He was holding my hand for the majority of the time without too much of a hassle. We went house to house and everyone loved his costume. A few of the houses allowed him to pick out his candy and he took his sweet time looking at every piece.

Kaitlyn did amazingly well. She let her grandma and grandpa hold her without a fuss. We walked her around in her pumpkin outfit which everyone loved. She barely made a peep the entire night which was helpful.

We finished up the night and headed home. Rylan was dead asleep but of course once the house door opened he woke up. He got one last chance to examine his candy loot before heading upstairs for a teeth brushing and off to sleep. Overall it was a pretty successful night and I think Rylan did have fun. We are hoping next year he can say the old "Trick or Treat" and of course "Thank you."


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