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Rylan's Soccer Practice

Written on November 19, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan had a few special visitors this weekend when he showed up for his Saturday soccer practice. His grandparents showed up all the way from the other side of town to be there early in the morning. He was pretty excited.

Soccer practice went about as normal as before. Rylan basically tried to do his own thing and did his best to get to the park right next to the field. He did participate in a few things though with the rest of the kids. When the coach told the kids to hop he was trying his hardest but he just can't get it just yet. He did quite well though when we put the soccer ball in front of the goal and he kicked it in. He got pretty excited when everyone clapped for him. As before, he loved playing with the kids parachute. He really seems to get into it.

Last Saturday was the first day that there was actual dew on the ground which of course collected on the soccer ball. Dew and grass are certainly not Rylan's best friend and he hated picking up the ball or getting his pants dirty.

As for improvements, I think he had actually done better last week but with his grandparents there, I can see that being a big factor. We have an off weekend and then he will return to practice after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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