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Tattoos at the Pediatricians Office

Written on November 8, 2007 by Kevin.

We wrapped up our pediatrician visit yesterday to have both Rylan and Kaitlyn checked up (they are doing great) and off to the sticker bowl we went. Like most pediatricians offices I imagine, they have a big thing of stickers for the kids to choose from after their visit. Rylan knows exactly where to go to get this. We grab the bowl and find a seat because we know its going to take a while. Rylan loves to look at every single sticker while he says "No" in a very dissatisfied tone. We could be there all day.

While I was browsing through the stickers trying to help him I spotted the following tattoos and they immediately peaked my interest both as an adult and as a parent. As an adult male, they interested me in how I may be able to freak out my wife if I all of a sudden have stitches on my arm. As a parent of two young kids though, I am wondering why these would be available to them. Why do young kids need to see a nail through the skin. Are these wierd or not? Maybe having a separate bowl for older kids would be a good idea.


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