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Photo with Santa 2007

Written on December 20, 2007 by Kevin.

We have been anticipating and dreading the idea of seeing Santa lately. We had seen him at the breakfast a few weekends ago but Rylan definitely knew that it was not the real Santa and he was not in the mood to play games. He refused to sit on his lap and the picture had to be taken with me with him.

We headed over to see Santa last night. Common sense would tell you that going at 5:00pm was a bad idea but we pressed onwards. As we pulled into a parking spot it dawned on me. We didn't have a stroller in the car. This was not the way to start the night off. As we approached Santa I got a peak and what did I see.. 8 zigzagging lines of restless kids and tired adults. As we progressed towards Santa at a snail pace, we realized that Santa had gone to take care of the reindeer. 30 minutes of waiting later, he was back. Rylan was excited to see Santa this time around. He was waving and yelling out "Santa". He even got a wave back.

I talked him through seeing Santa as we got closer and you could tell he was getting a bit nervous. We plopped Kaitlyn down on his lap first to show Rylan what was going on. He wasn't thrilled about sitting on Santa's lap but he stuck it through and didn't scream or try and run off. The first 10seconds though he had the grumpiest face ever and refused to look at the camera. A shout of "Peter Pan" woke him up and he began giving us some smiles toward the camera. It was difficult to get a good photo with 2 kids doing their own things but we were happy with it none the less. Kaitlyn did well as expected and barely moved.

So after all was said and done, we waited over 2 hours to see Santa. We paid $25.00 to see Santa for 20 seconds and all we have to show for it was a few pictures and some memories. Was it worth it? Minus the feeling that we were robbed, it was definitely worth it and I'll confirm this in 50 years when I can't remember anything and I can look back at the photos and smile.


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