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Breakfast with Santa

Written on December 10, 2007 by Kevin.

The grandparents this year invited the kids to have breakfast with Santa at the local Kiwanis Club. We headed over there early in the morning and to Rylan's surprise they had model trains setup. He loved watching these trains go by and was always thrilled when he saw a Donald Duck and Pluto train go by. Shortly following was a Mickey and Minnie one which got him pointing and yelling even more. We could have sat there all day and Rylan would have loved every moment of it.

We headed in for breakfast and while Kaitlyn was sleeping, Rylan had a chance to do a bit of coloring. He did really well drinking his orange juice from a regular cup and then shortly afterwards, he knocked it out all over the table. After a bit of cleanup, we received our meal. A small breakfast perfect for the little kids included a few pancakes and a piece of sausage. Rylan loved dipping his pancakes into the syrup and of course getting it all over his shirt.

It was time to see Santa. Kaitlyn sat down first and she did great. She had no problems sitting on Santa's lap and only gave a bit of a cautious look more than anything. Rylan on the other hand flipped out and refused to sit on Santa's lap. Instead, we had to get a picture of him on my lap kneeling next to Santa. He was super interested in Santa but just not in sitting on his lap.

The kids were each given a goodie bag which included a hand puppet and a blowup snowman ball. Rylan has been enjoying his ball ever since. We will be having another meeting with Santa soon and hopefully Rylan will not be as freaked out. Though if he is, it's just another funny picture to show his wife someday.


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