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Kaitlyn and her eczema.

Written on December 5, 2007 by Kevin.

From nearly day one, we have been battling with Kaitlyn's cradle cap and eczema. We had tried the recommended baby oil which did nothing but irritate her. After months of telling the doctors we finally were given a few samples of an oil steroid. This worked great actually but reading the warning on it which tells you not to use it more than 4 weeks certainly put up a red flag.

We mainly focused on her head which was badly covered and when that seemed to clear up, we stopped the steroids as to not over do it. It quickly came back for Thanksgiving just as strong as before.

Yesterday we had an appointment with one of the nation's leading child dermatologist. After his review of the situation he basically told us that she is entirely covered in eczema minus a few healthy spots. While the most noticeable issues are on top of her head, she also has blotches of rough skin randomly over her body. He gave us a prescription for a bit stronger of a steroid than before and told us that it is perfectly healthy to use them as long as we need too which was a bit surprising to us. I believe the idea is that the skin is treated fast enough before any damage could really occur. It is a hard one to swallow nevertheless.

We started the new treatment last night and in just a few days we should see a big improvement. We really want to get this under control as you can tell it is driving Kaitlyn nuts. She continues to rub and scratch her head in hopes of helping the itching. It's hard watching her struggle.


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