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Soccer Fun

Written on December 31, 2007 by Kevin.

One of Rylan's Christmas gifts this year was a full soccer set that included a goal, a ball and a few cones. We didn't have the best luck at his soccer practices as far as participation and we blame this on him being both shy and us not getting him more practice before. Now that we have our own goal everything is going to change.

I took him out to play soccer yesterday and it took a bit for Rylan to warm up to it all. We were playing in a new grassy area so Rylan was a bit distracted with all of the new places to run. After a while though, he really got into it and was doing his best to kick it as far as he could. The excited look on his face when he kicked it was amazing.

After a bit, Kaitlyn and mom walked out to see what was going on. It didn't take long before Kaitlyn was kicking the ball too. Of course this was with the help of her father. Rylan got a laugh out of it though.

I think Rylan will enjoy going outside to play more soccer and it will hopefully keep him from wanting to play it inside. In the past we have seen a few other kids about Rylan's age at the grassy area so maybe someday he can meet up with them. For now, I'll be the goalie and he can be the kicker.


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