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The many days of Christmas..

Written on December 26, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan and Kaitlyn had quite an eventful weekend. We started the celebrations off on Saturday by heading over to their Aunt's house. Grandma Debra and Grandpa Paul where there as well. After eating a tasty Mexican dinner, the kids opened their gifts. Kaitlyn and Rylan scored a couple great toys. Rylan was the official gift passer outer and he did a very entertaining job at it.

Christmas Eve was celebrated at their grandparents Tina and Fredrick's house. We had a huge turkey and ham dinner with all of the fixings. Rylan was too hyped up though and didn't even touch his food. After his Great Aunt Carmen came over, Rylan had a ball opening gifts for everyone. Rylan had fun trying to build a gingerbread house before it ended up collapsing. Decorating the gingerbread men were much easier and from what we could tell, they were quite tasty as well.

Christmas morning was celebrated at our house. We woke the kids up and took them downstairs to wait patiently for Grandma Michelle to arrive. Rylan was thrilled to see gobs of presents heading into the house. He couldn't stop saying "Christmas!". Last night, we headed over to Grandma's house for Christmas dinner. The kids had so much fun yesterday that they both fell asleep in the car and barely woke up when we got home.

There was one gift that really stood out this year for Rylan and it happened to be a toy BBQ grill set. He can't get enough of it and must have made 50 burgers for us when the day was through. Kaitlyn is quickly learning the benefits of toys and she too seems to have a few new favorites including the her LeapFrog brightlings toys. We had a great holiday and the kids definitely seemed excited as well.


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