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Written on December 3, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife began telling me about her interest in the Nintendo Wii a few months ago. While a Wii shortage was in full effect, we decided to look anyways. No luck. I had taken the day off after Thanksgiving with the plan that I would be one of those people standing outside of Target waiting for the doors to open so I could rush to get my Wii. It never was necessary though.

We headed up to Flagstaff, AZ the day before Thanksgiving to celebrate with family. As I walked into my Uncle's home, my eyes were immediately fixed on the Wii that they had. Turns out, it was my fathers. He had mentioned it in the past but I didn't realize he would actually buy one for himself. So how did he get it I asked. To my surprise, he had gotten it just that day from the local GameStop. We quickly went back so I could get one myself. Amazing, they still had some. There was now no need to stand in the long lines in the freezing winter weather.

The first thing after getting back home was of course setting up the Wii. Everything went smoothly and off we were going. My wife and I can play this for hours without even noticing. Rylan loves to play with us as well but he has his own controller. He gets to swing around the DVD remote instead of the expensive Wiimote. He couldn't be happier. It will be fun to transition Rylan into playing the games with us and watch him learn how to hit the golf ball or bowl a strike.

The Wii is 100% a family gaming system. It definitely requires you to get up off of the couch and get active. Playing with a bunch of people just makes it that much more fun. I would have certainly waited in line early in the morning for this and found that it was worth it. Luckily though, I didn't need to and I got to spend the morning with the family.


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