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Don't Eat My Sister!

Written on January 30, 2008 by Kevin.

It is really hard to pull Rylan and Kaitlyn apart. Rylan still can't seem to be close to her enough, so he is always bugging her throughout the day. He just loves to play with the toys that she is and easily disrupts the fun she is having. I guess having a brother that loves her so much is a great but not so great thing. You can definitely tell that they love each other though.

One of my many father talents is playing with Rylan and doing my famous zombie walk while trying to eat Rylan. This is easily 15 minutes of fun with Rylan running around for dear life, all the while screaming and laughing. When I look over at Kaitlyn, she has the most worried face possible as if I really am going to take her favorite brother away. When I move forward to Kaitlyn and tell her I am going to start eating her toes, Rylan will come run between us and try to stop me. He put his life on the line so that I can't eat her feet.

What more could you ask for from a brother?


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