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New Years 2008 Recap

Written on January 2, 2008 by Kevin.

Welcome to 2008. Just another day really.

We rang the new year in by having the grandparents over. We had no interest in heading out to eat and fighting the crowds so we stayed home and had one of our favorite local burger shops. Tasty as always, it gave us the energy to do what we were all there for. That was to play on the Wii. The grandparents have a Wii of their own but none of the games that we do. My wife and I mainly focus on party games so it was fun to include the grandparents and show them a bunch of new games.

The grandparents left early and that was about it. My wife and I put the kids to sleep and went on with our evening like it was any other. I remember as a kid when New Years Eve was a huge celebration. Now, it's just another day. Dang I am a party pooper.


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