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Written on January 24, 2008 by Kevin.

The other morning I was waking up to head off to work and I heard Kaitlyn talking in the other room. This was the type of talking that leads up to the crying due to being hungry and in need of a diaper change. A split second later I hear a ROAR!!! sound. It was Rylan presumably at the crib scaring Kaitlyn.

As I got ready for work I let my wife know that she needed to check on them. She headed in and grabbed Kaitlyn and asked that Rylan go back to bed. Rylan headed right back into bed and after a quick sip of water he was zonked back out and breathing like he does when he is sleeping. It dawned on my wife at that moment that it seems that Rylan was sleepwalking. As I have mentioned in the past, I definitely have an issue with sleepwalking which I trigger with certain foods. We are now on the lookout for what may have caused Rylan's possible sleepwalking episode.

I have never been on the other side of a sleepwalker so it's a bit interesting to me. Ultimately I think I would be able to help Rylan understand what's going on because if it's anything like mine, it can be a pretty crazy and serious thing to deal with.


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