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Wiiiiiiiii Part 2

Written on January 3, 2008 by Kevin.

We have now had the Nintendo Wii for over a month now and we are still loving it. We highly recommend it for any family. My father and my sister both have one as well. It really is a game system for all ages.

Rylan, being the 2 year old that he is, has always wanted to play with us. Not wanting to damage the expensive controllers, we choose to give him our DVD player remote in hopes that he would be satisfied. He couldn't be happier. We made the controller a bit more like ours by buying a white silicon cover for it and stretched it over it. He loves to swing his arms around while we play a round of golf or really any game. He gets as much into it as we do. If we do a good or terrible job at an event he will get excited with us. It's really quite funny to watch.

We are slowly adjusting Rylan into being able to play the Wii for real. We want to see him bowl a strike or hit a hole in one. I can only imagine that it won't take long for him to pick up on it all and start beating us both. Kids are crazy.


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