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And shes off!

Written on February 19, 2008 by Kevin.

A bit sluggish but Kaitlyn has begun crawling as of yesterday. We had her upstairs in her room on the floor while we had an A/C checkout being performed and when we turned around she was up on her knees and just itching to go. As we watched she gave us a huge smile and then she was off. She wasn't going to win a race but she sure had a ball with it. She couldn't stop smiling as she continued on her trek.

She surprised us even more when she tried to stand up by lifting her butt in the air and standing on her feet. She definitely wants to get moving quickly. She confirmed this last night when she was standing up in front of me and then headed towards her mother in which she slowly walked with the help of my wife's legs. She is a tiny little girl and I can't imagine her walking at this point. She would be hazardous as we wouldn't even see her walking around.


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