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I love you.

Written on February 13, 2008 by Kevin.

It has been along time coming but Rylan finally said "I love you" to my wife. This is despite me being the one trying to teach him the phrase. Arggh. We have been working hard with him lately trying to learn a few new words including "Thank you" and "Sorry". He has really taken to saying thank you and even says it in place of saying goodbye now. He occasionally says sorry but we are still working with that one.

All in all, he tries to repeat everything we say now. It is pretty nutty to have him saying just about everything I say including "pumperdinkle", "shinanigans" and best of all, "great googly moogly" which are some of my wife's most hated words in the world. I can't wait until he says those words on his own.


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