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She's a quick one..

Written on February 25, 2008 by Kevin.

It seems like just the other day that Kaitlyn was crawling.. well it was. She began crawling the other day and on that same day she began her journey of walking. With her hands and feet planted firmly on the floor, she stuck her butt in the air as to say she was going to master walking very shortly. Now with the help of her toys and the couch, she is able to pull herself up and stand up. She does this with a huge smile of accomplishment as you can imagine. If you hold her up and let go of her, she is able to hold herself for a few moments before she falls back down and giggles. Needless to say, we are amazed by her quick advancement and firmly believe she will be walking in her 8th month.

It took her too many long painful months to pop her first tooth but now they are starting to sprout more quickly. She is working on 2 new teeth currently that are bound to help her with her eating skills. Eating skills that have also greatly improved over the last week.

We fought with her for months now with eating cereal and she just wasn't going for it. Now after trying to apples and cereal in the jar, she is a bit more accepting of it. A sigh of relief. I figured she would never want to eat. With that change also came the change of self feeding. She now gobbles up the cherry puffs that we offer her. Like a fish, she will continue to eat and eat. Rylan takes part in this step as he loves to walk around with the puffs, feeding her and sneaking a few for himself as well.


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