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Week in Review

Written on February 29, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy so there hasn't been much focus on the website. Me and Kaitlyn wanted to make sure we wrote about what has been going on.

Tomorrow we will just about finishing up our big home makeover when the new carpet is installed. My mom made sure to get a carpet that would hide any stains that we may cause so that is a good thing. Right now our carpet is pretty crummy because its all matted down and stained. It is going to be a huge improvement and really finish everything off nicely. I can't wait until I can run on it and Kaitlyn can do her crawling on it. It will definitely be more gentle on her knees.

Kaitlyn is still taking huge advancements in eating. She has been taking her cereal very well lately and now eats her puffs all by herself. Those puffs are a real pain though. She drops a lot of them on the floor and then we end up stepping on them and they stick to our feet!

Our dad's birthday was on Wednesday. I don't think it went as he would have hoped for though because we ended up in the car a good portion of the night which turned into a crying match between Kaitlyn and I. We celebrated with my Grandpa and Grandma at their house with pizza and ice cream though which was nice. We will be having dinner with my other Grandma soon as well.

We can't think of much else exciting that we had done this week so we are going to wrap it up. Have a great weekend everyone.


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