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Birthday Celebration

Written on March 3, 2008 by Kevin.

My birthday turned into a birth week as we celebrated my birthday just about everyday of last week. We started out with a nice pizza night at the kids grandfathers house. Rylan is always ready for a good round of pizza. Later in the week we met up with some of my wife's family and had a nice dinner.

On Saturday we had our carpet installed and despite it smelling not so fresh, we had the kids grandmother over for the night. My wife out did herself this year by throwing together a slew of treats including rice krispy bars, ice cream cone cupcakes and even a Lego shaped cake. As to be expected, Rylan loved each of them as did I.

I am starting to realize that with age and now with kids, birthdays are certainly not the same as they used to be (the night was filled with 2 crying kids in their carseats). While my actual birthday on Wednesday was just a typical night, my wife certainly made up for it with her treats over the weekend.


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