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Chicken Nugget!?!?!

Written on March 27, 2008 by Kevin.

Definition of chicken nugget:
A chicken nugget is either whole or composed from a paste of finely minced chicken and purposefully added chicken skin, which is then coated in batter or breadcrumbs before being cooked. Fast-food restaurants typically deep-fry their nuggets in oil. Oven baking is the usual method of preparation at home.

That is how we know and use the word chicken nugget but not in Rylan's little world. About a month ago, Rylan started randomly saying the phrase "chicken nugget". As expected, we figured he was talking about wanting some chicken nuggets. We brushed it off for a few days but he continued to say it. We finally got him some chicken nuggets to eat one evening and he wouldn't eat them. What's that all about? It turns out that he doesn't actually want chicken nuggets, it's just his word to end all words. Example..

Dad: Rylan, let's go upstairs to brush your teeth.
Rylan: Chicken nugget.
Dad: Come on, let's go upstairs.
Rylan: Chicken nugget. (emphasis when he bobs his head)

Fast forward two weeks and it has become a bit more of a meaningful word to him. When he is upset he now yells "Chicken Nugget!" in a deeper voice. It's like the devil has taken over and he is hungry for those dang chicken nuggets. Without even knowing it, he uses it as somewhat of a curse word.

Chicken nugget is not the only word that he has used like this. In the past it was "Mario!". He made us laugh one day when he was running scared from a walking toy we had in the kitchen. In a panic and pure terror, he ran out of the room yelling "Mario and Luigi!". How can you not laugh at that. Rylan is still waiting for the two of them to show up and save the day.


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