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Child Safety Car Seat IDs

Written on March 20, 2008 by Kevin.

I don't recall how I came about this idea but it is a good one indeed. In the terrible event of an accident, you as the parent(s) are unresponsive but your kids are still alive and well. Paramedics arrive and with no one to tell them anything about the kids, they do things based on training and instincts. If you child is allergic to this or that, they would not otherwise know.

In comes the idea of car seat ID's. Simply a piece of paper attached to the seat with some very valuable information such as:

- Child's name
- Height
- Weight
- Birthdate
- Medical conditions/allergies
- Several family contacts
- Recent photo

These items on a small card can help protect and speed up medical help in the case of an accident. These would even work well for adults as well really but with young kids not being able to speak or too frightened to do so, this could mean a lot. Just having the paramedic know your child's name should help calm them down a bit.

I am currently working on making these up for our kids and I would suggest doing the same.


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