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Easter Recap

Written on March 24, 2008 by Kevin.

It appears that the kids both had a wonderful Easter this year. The kids had a moment to pillage their baskets a bit before heading off to the family Easter party. Rylan's basket included a bit of chocolates, cotton candy and a Melissa and Doug dinosaur magnet set. He of course loved munching on the chocolate that were shaped in bunnies, ducks and bees. He preferred the chocolate over the cotton candy which was a bit of a surprise. His dinosaur magnets were also a big hit. I think that he will find them very entertaining while in the kitchen.

Kaitlyn's basket included pink bunny slippers. She has a bit of growing to do before they will work with her of course but I can only imagine she is going to look super cute with them on. Her basket also had a stuffed bunny with the body of a carrot. Bathtime is a bit more fun now that she has a new rubber ducky dressed as a bunny. A Melissa and Doug Monkey Face Grasp and Shake Toy rounded out her basket. This goes along with her other wooden toys. She likes to grip onto it and shake it around. The googly eyed look that the monkey gives you is bound to get some laughs from her soon.

The family Easter party was fun. The kids had a chance to see some of their great aunts and uncles that they had not seen since Thanksgiving. It took a bit of warming up but Rylan eventually took to them very well. We hung out at the pool because it is already near 90F here in Arizona. We had a small Easter egg hunt and Rylan did exceptionally well this year. He was quick to find just about all of the eggs. Kaitlyn got a few as well with the help of her mother. Next year, Kaitlyn should be fully capable of fighting with Rylan over the hidden eggs which should be fun to watch.


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