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Rylan, the helpful grocery boy.

Written on March 26, 2008 by Kevin.

When Kaitlyn was first born, it made life a bit more difficult when it came to heading to the grocery store. My wife used to be able to push the empty cart while I held Rylan but when Kaitlyn was born, we placed her carrier into the cart and then depending on what we were there for we would either have to somehow get a second cart pushed around or carefully place groceries around her. This nuisance was made worse when Rylan went through a phase of not wanting to listen to us while at the store.

Fast forward many months now and Rylan really is a changed kiddo. He now lets me know when he wants to be held or put down. Most of the time when he is put down he immediately puts his hand up for me to grab and hold onto. Perfect. This has helped in so many ways and it has been a long time coming.

Lately, I have been doing a bit of father son bonding by taking Rylan to the grocery store. Sure, it may not seem like much but it gives me a chance to teach him a whole bunch of new words. As we pass through the aisles, I try to point out new and old things and either tell him the name of it or let him tell me. He is learning words at an amazing pace. Last night we headed out for cereal and fruit. As we passed by the bakery, Rylan knows that they give out free cookies so each time politely asks for a cookie. Unfortunately for him, the bakery tends to be closed at the later hours that we go. We picked up a bit of fruit and we focused on learning the words pineapple and mushroom. After getting back home, he carried the pineapple from the car and when the door opened up he yelled pineapple to his mom. We made a few trips back to the van and each time when returning, he would say what he had in his hands. He loves showing people that he knows big words and it always makes us laugh.

Rylan is now officially my grocery buddy. We get to spend that short bit talking and bonding and that means a lot since I am away from home while at work. Kaitlyn benefits from our grocery trips too because I come home with baby food that I can then sit down, spend some time with her and feed her. My wife, she gets a short break from tackling 2 kids at once. It's a win win for everyone.


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