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The Migration to Wood...

Written on March 4, 2008 by Kevin.

My wife and I have always wondered about cavemen and how they lived with their crazy screaming kids. We are told that they were very aggressive and how they didn't just toss their babies off the side of a cliff always boggles my mind. They must have had fun toys for the kids to pass the time with while their caveparents went looking for a woolly mammoth to devour. If the toys of the caveman were good enough for them than they are certainly good enough for my kids. I am talking about good ol' wooden toys. No I am not talking about having Rylan use a tree branch to beat up on his sister, I am talking about wooden classic and new toys.

We have our fair share of plastic toys from Fisher Price and many other companies. Some of them have been affected by the lead scares of recent years but most have not. Regardless, we are making a point now to purchase toys from respectable companies that take the lead in making sure their products do not contain lead. Melissa and Doug is currently the company we are after and are seeking hard for their toys. While their toys can originally be a questionably high price, they can be found at stores like Ross and Tuesday Morning for a considerably discounted price. We have been able to purchase many wooden puzzles for both Kaitlyn and Rylan that they can use in the future. Speaking of the future, these toys are made to last for generations and they stand behind their product with a lifetime guarantee. They will even replace puzzle pieces if your kid was to lose them.

Thinking about way into the future I think these purchases will be a wise one. Boxing these toys up when the kids are done and allowing their children to someday play with them will be nice. I think they will find that day special as well.


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