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Week in Review

Written on March 14, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well the big thing this week was getting to have with fun with our cousin Hayden. He came over with his parents to hang out. We had sandwiches and then we all played on the Wii. I played a bit as well before I got distracted with Hayden. Kaitlyn kind of got teamed up on and was a bit bullied but everything went really well and was super fun. They got to see our newly finished house so that was pretty excited.

The new van of ours is working out nicely. It has plenty of room for me to stretch out and throw my toys. I am now within arm reach of Kaitlyn so I can pick on her all that I want until my mom spots me. I like to climb in the back seat when we first get into the car and put on the big boy seat belt. My mom says I look really cute.

Easter is not too far away and we already have our plans made. We are going over to our grandparent's house to celebrate with family and do a mini egg hunt. I think my dad said we may go to the park. Maybe we will bring my golf set as well.

Kaitlyn was super chatty yesterday. She has been really into watching movies with me lately so maybe she has been trying to say some of the words. I like when she is chatty and I can't wait until I can talk to her with real words. For now we just have to talk to one another in our secret mind trickery. I always seem to know when she has a diaper to change.

Next week my dad will be doing a review on a new product we were given to sample. It was an interesting toy to review to say the least. Best of all though, he will be having a giveaway to go along with the review which is super exciting.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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