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Week in Review

Written on March 28, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Puffs everywhere! There are those pesky Gerber puffs everywhere in our house right now. My mom feeds them to Kaitlyn in the kitchen but somehow they seem to find their way into every other room of the house. I saw one stuck to my moms back yesterday. It was pretty funny.

Speaking of Kaitlyn, my mom is slowly trying new foods with her. They are having to take it super slow because of her allergy attack a couple days before Christmas. They tried Soy formula yesterday which caused no reactions except a sour face from Kaitlyn. She isn't used to drinking from a bottle or cup so she isn't too interested. The flavor and smell of the formula certainly doesn't help either.

Our mom and dad have a big weekend ahead of them. They are planning on painting our bedroom to match all of our new furniture that will be put in soon. We are going to have a very IKEA'ish bedroom which should be pretty neat. They will definitely be putting pictures up when its done. It's going to be a shocker.

My dad has been teaching me numbers and letters for a long time now and I am pretty good at saying my numbers up 30 and my ABC's. My mom yesterday taught me how to write a 1 and a 2. I did pretty well but I still need to work on it. The other day I drew a perfect circle which my dad was pretty excited about. The best thing about doing this stuff is I get a high 5 afterward. It's super exciting.

Kaitlyn and I have begun filling up our piggy banks. I have a Mickey Mouse piggy bank that we got when we went to Disneyland one time. Kaitlyn has a Pooh Bear one. I now have an eye out for any pennies that I see on the ground and then I like to save them in my piggy bank or spend them on M&Ms. Kaitlyn gets some random change from my dad whenever he has it. I like to hear the money jingle inside.

I think that's about it for us this week. My mom is making sticky buns tomorrow morning which I am super excited about. They are yummy yummy tasty. Have a good weekend.


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