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A new obsession..

Written on April 2, 2008 by Kevin.

I think all mothers look forward to when they can put bows in their daughter's hair. It seems to be one of those deep desires that all women have. My wife definitely has this desire in her and she finally is able to satisfy it.

Kaitlyn's hair, like most babies, started out with next to nothing. The cradle cap and eczema seemed to slow the hair growing process even more. When we got that under control, the hair started to flow out. Now when you look at her she is starting to have layers of soft hair that is prime for bow placement. We recently headed to a new store to sell some old baby clothing and my wife found her new obsession. Bows that actually work in babies thin and silky hair.

Kaitlyn got to model her new bows for the first time at Easter. They seemed to be a big hit. There is no question now that she is a girl. She certainly looks cute in them. I originally did not care for them but they have certainly grown on me and as her hair grows even longer, they just look more cute. They stay quite well in her soft hair and she doesn't bother with them much at all. The best part is that both my wife and Kaitlyn get big smiles when the bows are put on.


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