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A simple request.

Written on April 15, 2008 by Kevin.

We had a small party at our home on Sunday. A gathering of family to eat good food and to play the Nintendo Wii. It is also a great opportunity for Kaitlyn and Rylan to have some play time with their cousin Hayden that they do not get to see very often. They seemed to have a blast. Rylan crawled around with Hayden imitating the noises he was making and showing him how to get in trouble. Kaitlyn tried to tag along as well but she sometimes get clobbered by the older kids.

We had told Rylan that we were going to have a party a few days before and when I reminded him on Saturday, I asked him who was coming. He very quickly said "Papa!" (grandpa). He then said "Hayden!". We hadn't reminded him that Hayden was going to be coming but he sure was excited for him to be. The party day came and when they opened the door, Rylan answered and started yelling "Hayden! Hayden!". He definitely has found a buddy.

Now yesterday and today, Rylan just keeps asking for Hayden. We made a trip out to their place yesterday for them to play a bit more but making the drive everyday would certainly be an issue. I've heard of kids doing this but Rylan has never really found anyone to be such buds with. Now that Hayden is older and mobile, they are having a heck of a time together. When Kaitlyn hardens up a bit more she will be able to join in too. She is a very sensitive little girl though so it may be a bit longer. She certainly looks cute trying to participate though.


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