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Dragonflies, butterflies, lady bugs, bees, cherries......

Written on April 23, 2008 by Kevin.

It wasn't more than a couple weeks ago that my wife's addiction to hair bows for Kaitlyn began. We bought a few handfuls of bows and never looked back really. It dawned on my wife a bit later that she could make these herself. After figuring out how to make basic bows, it was a dash to learn as many as possible. Dragonflies, butterflies and lady bugs oh my.

When my wife realized that making these different types of bows were fairly easy we began talking about selling them. My wife is a big fan of craft shows and I grew up around them as my mother sold crafts from as early as I could remember. We could do this we thought. My wife has been quickly learning new bows and designs to make and they are turning out amazing. We now have a big enough selection that we are beginning to pitch the idea to others. We stopped by our local downtown district where they have boutique shops and the first owner we asked took my pitch. We made our first sale yesterday. It wasn't much but we are happy to see someone else appreciates the work behind them and is willing to pay for them. We are making plans now to attend a craft show in two weeks and set up a booth. We are in mad scramble mode trying to prepare enough bows. Some of them are quite time intensive.

Welcome our new small business. The (currently withheld) name originates from what I used to say to make Kaitlyn smile and laugh. It was a random set of words that she just seemed to love. We are making this a full family business in which my wife designs bows, Rylan tests the bows (if he knows what it is, it passes), Kaitlyn models the bows and I photograph them.

It has been very exciting around this place lately and I think it will continue with the craft show where we will be the only bow selling booth. Priced right, I think these things will be flying off the table.


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