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Cabazon Dinosaurs 2008

Written on April 30, 2008 by Kevin.

We headed up to California on Saturday morning and I wanted to make a special trip again to the Cabazon dinosaurs. Every other time we have headed up there, the sun has been setting and pictures are just too difficult to take but this time we had the sun placed perfectly and ready for some good shots. I like to stop by the dinosaurs each time so that we can watch the kids get bigger with each new set of pictures. The dinosaurs are neat to look at as well.

We learned a bit of good news about the dinosaurs. There will in fact be many more. They are currently building additional dinosaurs behind the 2 large ones that are easily seen from the highway. These new dinosaurs are much much smaller but much more detailed. The area is fenced off currently so it is unknown exactly what they are planning. One thing that confused both my wife and I was that they stuck a medieval knight fighting one of the T-rex dinosaurs. These guys must know that the dinosaurs and knights never did fight right? Regardless, it is good to know that they are putting in the money to expand the dinosaurs and hopefully keep them around for many years. I know the kids sure love to see them.


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