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Fresh & Easy, indeed.

Written on April 7, 2008 by Kevin.

Months ago, I was driving down the road and as I came to the stop light, I noticed a new building was coming up. A place I had never heard of, Fresh & Easy. The name peaked my interested as our family has been trying to find healthy and quick meals. I figured with a name like that, we were going to find exactly what we were looking for but it didn't end there.

I waited a few more weeks and when it was completed I went to check it out. First impression, this place is clean, quiet and calm. The hustle and bustle of your typical grocery store is not seen in my local Fresh & Easy stores. We are able to walk into the store and not have to fight to grab a box of cereal or bread.

We are working on getting our entire family to eat a bit more healthy these days and this store really helps that out. A large portion of their store is their own house brand which does not have added trans fats, no artificial colors or flavors and many of it has no preservatives. They have many, small family, prepared meals ready to go at very affordable prices. The meals are tasty and work nicely for us right now with only the 3 of us eating meals.

I would have thought as I opened the door that I would be paying top dollar for most of their food in the store but that really is not the case. Prices are fairly equal to if not less than our typical grocery store. Unique items are still priced reasonably enough that we can try them without breaking the bank. I think I join a group of others when I say that it is actually fun to shop at this store. Items that are best used by the current day are slashed at 50% off which is always great. Throw in the coupons that they hand out freely, you are looking at going home with a few great meals at a great price.

For those living in Arizona, California or Nevada and who have not checked out their nearest Fresh and Easy store, run now. For those who do not live in those states, hope that someday you can find a grocery store as great as this one.


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